My life would be better if…

Lecture Hall

Yesterday was the last day of classes for me at Notre Dame for this semester, and probably for a very long time. I utterly enjoyed teaching this generation of students. I got to know them well. I wasn’t “careful” with them. I opened myself to their friendship, I allowed myself to be vulnerable with them. I did not have reservations in showing them the person that I am.

So to conclude the course I wanted to take advantage of all that these 102 brave souls may have learned about me throughout our 29 meetings this semester. I asked them to write in a piece of paper the answer to the question: “Eduardo, your life would be better if ___________ ” and to give that piece of paper to me.

I got about 90 responses. Some of the responses are hilarious, some are goofy, and some of them are just plain beautiful and informative. They really got to know me well, it seems. What a privilege, to befriend this collection of humans that I called my “students” for the past five months. You can see the responses I got from them below:

Thank you, guys and gals. You really made it worthwhile.

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  1. The responses from your students were worth the downloading of a PowerPoint Reader to see them. You were obviously more to them than an average teacher!

    It has been so long since I was in college that I have no idea where the line is drawn between students and teachers. However, our son is preparing to start this fall at Evergreen State in Olympia, WA specifically because of its reputation for more effective partnering between students and faculty. They seem to actually encourage the type of interdisciplinary discussions that you appear to have brought to your classes. (

    You have said that The Work informed how you teach math. It will be interesting to see if your background in math will be an asset in your facilitation of The Work!

    Don’t stop sharing with your blog readers–especially those of us who read your student comments and now want to know how the British connection works out for you, whether or not you ditch the Prius for an Audi, etc.

  2. I enjoyed your students’ comments. I am curious what my students would come up with. As I mentioned to you, many of my young charges are not fully aware that I am a human being, much less a person! And perhaps I have learned a lesson with that realization. Keep posting.

  3. I like the part about the chocolate chip cookie. But I project…

    I’d say MY life would have been better if I’d known about your blog before, I would have blogrolled you sooner too! But then I would not have the joy of reading it now.

  4. So you’re not going back to teach there next semester? C’mon, the next generation of students needs a leader, er, teacher like you!

  5. This is great. How interesting it is to hear others answer the question of what would make our own life better!

    Just a suggestion: ditch the powerpoint presentation and put the answers online. My guess is that 90% of people who land on this page do not download the presentation. We, the web users of the world, are lazy & want instant gratification! Plus there are those who can’t read the ppt file extension.

    FYI this post will be included in the Inner Exploration carnival, coming out later tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for submitting it. It’s hard to get content that is both good and unique.

  6. John: Thanks for your nice comments. I will keep you posted as for the brittish connection 😉 As far as your comment about math, well, I have a very analytical mind, and I don’t turn it off when I’m facilitating. All aspects of mind are welcome here, and I notice that my facilitations work best that way.

    Christian: I will be teaching elsewhere, so a different set of students will benefit from whatever it is that I do in there, in the classroom. I know I benefit!

    Ben: I ditched the powerpoint and posted the content in a youtube video. Much better idea. Thank you!

  7. i don’t know if this website is for school or whatever but….
    my life would be better if it was a musical….. because everything turns out ok and you get to sing and dance all the time….

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