About Me

I am a Professor of Economics at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California, where I teach Microeconomics and Decision Analysis at the undergraduate and graduate level, and conduct research on game theory, decision theory, general equilibrium theory and welfare economics. You can find my professional home page here:


I have been a student of The Work of Byron Katie since 2002 and a student of Zen, Vipassana and Dzogchen since 1995. I first became a certified facilitator of The Work in 2007, and volunteer as part of Katie's staff at the Nine day School for The Work, and at other events, whenever I am able.

I created this website so that I can share with you the ways in which I have brought The Work and its wisdom into different aspects of my life. While all the thoughts and ideas may seem disparate, they all share a common source: Bringing the turnarounds to life. In Katie's words:

What you want to get, give it. That's the way you get it.